Hiking Advisor | Micro-Adventure Lindenbos


Hiking Advisor consists of volunteers, organising a wide range of outdoor activities from short trekkings, to social weekends and longer treks through mountainous areas. The concept of this activity, organised by Alexia and based on Alastair Humphreys' micro-adventures, is you don't always need to travel far or spend a lot of time to have an adventure. Spending the night outdoors and meeting like-minded people before heading back to work the next day is perfectly possible.

We met up at 6pm at Leuven station. Not-completely-but-almost-on-time, the eight of us left to the abbey at Vlierbeek to have a warm pasta before heading to the forest in the first cold night of the year. After +/- 5k we reached the bivouac place where we will spend the night. As our local pyromane Bjorn was present, we received a quick and dirty workshop in fire-building. We spend the evening sitting around the fire sharing glüwein. Most of us have to work the following day, so we get up early the following morning, before heading back to the station and each going our own way.